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The purpose of Objectif Monaco, a truly democratic think tank, is to study, reflect upon and exchange ideas in order to enrich the public debate in the general interest.

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Reaction to the report in "L’Observateur de Monaco" (May 2023)

Creation of "Objectif Monaco": Widening public debate in Monaco's interest

Reaction to the Isabelle Costa interview ("Monaco-Matin" and "Monaco Tele", February 2023)

Reaction to the Brigitte Boconne-Pagès interview, President of the National Council ("Gazette de Monaco", February 2023)

Reaction to the Pierre Dartout interview ("Monaco Tribune", January 19th, 2023)

Sharing a common vision for everyone's benefit

The association &
its missions

Convinced that Monaco's social, economic and corporate model is functioning well, players in the Principality's economy founded the "Objectif Monaco" association in February, 2023.

Fully committed players with regard to its eco-system, members of the association will give themselves the means to become legitimate speakers in debates concerning its statutory purpose, and this in the fields of politics, economics and citizenship.

Our vocation

To make constructive proposals on the social, economic and legal challenges which will have to be faced by the Principality of Monaco in the coming months and years.

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Key figures

Surface area

2 km2


36 000


8 250

Global population


Objectif Monaco • Plan de Monaco

Monaco & Europe,
a fundamental challenge

While negotiations between Brussels and Monaco commenced over seven years ago, the opaque nature of exchanges held by negotiators on the contours of a new framework of relations between the European Union and the State of Monaco still remains.

Our attachment to the Principality, its constitution and specific characteristics is deeply anchored. The Principality of Monaco is a State governed by the rule of law, always maintaining strict observance of fundamental freedoms and rights. It benefits from full international recognition and has its place within the Concert of Nations. A Member of the UN since 1993, Monaco has also had a seat on the Council of Europe since 2004. It has many assets. Its economic and social model is prosperous and exemplary.

The lack of transparency in these debates is even more prejudicial because the impact of an agreement with the European Union is of major importance to the people of Monaco.

It would lead to a real shake-up within the Principality. Safeguarding of its specific characteristics is primordial so as not to sacrifice future generations of Monégasques, and to preserve the vitality of our economy.

Our bureau

Stéphane GARINO

President of the Order of Expert Accountants and Certified Public Accountants of Monaco


President of the Bar of the Order of Defence Lawyers, Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers of Monaco

Philippe AFRIAT

Vice-President of the Order of Medical Physicians of the Principality of Monaco

Christophe BALLERIO

Secretary-Treasurer of the Order of Defence Lawyers, Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers of Monaco

Bernard BENSA

Trustee-Reporter of the Order of Defence Lawyers, Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers of Monaco


President of the Employers' Chamber for the Building Industry

Gabriel VIORA

President of Monaco's Order of Architects


President of Monaco's Real Estate Chamber

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You are a natural or legal person. You want to commit yourself to sharing, permanently, your desire, energy and knowledge, to serve the association's goals. Each member has the right to vote at general assemblies.

If you are concerned by the Principality of Monaco and its social, economic and corporate future, join "Objectif Monaco"


You are a natural or legal person. Each member also has the right to vote at General Assemblies.


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You are a natural or legal person. Each member also has the right to vote at General Assemblies.



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